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On and Off the Court

Join one of our vibrant growing pickleball collectives to enjoy authentic conversations and connections, work on your inner game which can affect your performance on and off the court, and deepen your sense of belonging in our community of like-minded pickleball enthusiasts. 


Which Pickleball Life Coaching Collective
is right for you?

Basic Pickleball Life Coaching Collective

The Basic
Pickleball Life Coaching Collective

Calling All Pickleball Players and Enthusiasts! 

Join the Basic Pickleball Life Coaching Collective to accelerate your unique pickleball journey - and enjoy it even more. Whether you're new to pickleball or are a seasoned tournament player, we have you covered! 

Here you can:

  • receive group pickleball coaching and group life coaching from a highly-experienced, well-trained professional coach (now known as The Pickleball Life & Business Coach)... to resolve some of your most pressing pickleball and life challenges
  • participate in scheduled and pop-up live video-based training sessions (built right inside our platform)... for encouragement, inspiration and education
  • join and complete collaborative individual challenges... to take action and accomplish goals using our accountability tools
  • navigate around our 24/7 resource portal... to take informative quizzes and download useful resources
  • start or join a pop-up video-based Member Meet-Ups 24/7... so even if you're thinking about pickleball in the middle of the night, you could connect "face-to-face" with other night owls in our community
  • engage in our authentic topic-based feeds and demographic-based chat circles... to build a more supportive pickleball community and deepen relationships with like-minded positive pickleball players

It's no longer necessary to scroll through entirely irrelevant information and posts to find topics and people that interest you - those days are gone! Get your questions asked in a safe, supportive and positive environment free of trolls, spammers and scammers. There are over 15 topic-based pickleball feeds to participate in, and we have plans to add more.  

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Premium Pickleball Life Coaching Collective

The Premium
Pickleball Life Coaching Collective

Join our Premium Pickleball Life Coaching Collective just for Women

This Collective has been designed just for women and includes more life coaching tools, especially those that will free up more time and energy, allow you to practice more self-care and self-compassion, and help you more graciously handle challenging players and situations on the court -- and off the court for that matter.   

Here you can:

  • receive additional group pickleball coaching and group life coaching from a highly-experienced, well-trained professional coach (now known as The Pickleball Life & Business Coach)... to resolve some of your most pressing pickleball and life challenges
  • participate in additional scheduled and pop-up live video-based training sessions (built right inside our platform)... for encouragement, inspiration and education
  • join and complete additional collaborative individual challenges... to take consistent action and accomplish your important goals using our accountability tools
  • navigate around our 24/7 resource portal... to take informative quizzes and download useful resources
  • engage in additional authentic topic-based feeds and demographic-based chat circles... to build an even more intimate and supportive pickleball community and deepen relationships with like-minded positive pickleball players
  • participate in an optional 15-min 1:1 onboarding session... to hit the ground running 

We know you're busy!  The Premium Collective also includes more niched topic-specific feeds and smaller demographic circles to support you in having more focused engagements that will accelerate your personal journey.

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Take the 7-Day Challenge! 

Why not sign up and take our free 7-day challenge?  You'll reflect on the past year (not necessarily the last calendar year) so you can reset and refocus to enjoy an even better next year.  


I'm Jennifer...

First, like you, I LOVE pickleball!  I really do!  When not playing pickleball, I'm probably talking or thinking about pickleball (or entrepreneurship).  

I've been playing pickleball for at least five years.  At that time, I was flying approximately 130,000 miles around the world annually facilitating professional coaching sessions and/or public and private in-house accredited coach training programs.  I knew when I started traveling with my paddle and looking to book venues near places to play pickleball, that I was becoming a pickleball fanatic!  

After accumulating 3 million air miles, I hung up my wings and grabbed my paddle... 


"Thanks for the meeting about my attitude yesterday.  Getting caught up in my own head frustrates me so!"

- Paula

"It's strange.  Cuts straight to the truth making you feel exposed and vulnerable, but says things in a way that makes you profusely thank her."

- Karen

"Really love this philosophy:  just because we're working on (extremely) tough things, doesn't have to feel so heavy!"

- Nikkie

Pickleball Coaching Programs

Create new awareness and take purposeful actions while being supported as you work towards what you want. 

Accepting enrollments March 2023 Women's Pickleball Planner GCP Cohort. Click for more info...

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